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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My Big Win =]]

Do you ever feel like you can never win at anything? That no matter what you do you will jsut never win in life. Well before today that was me. On my local radio station Electric 94.9 they were giving callers tickets to the Daughtry and Lifehouse concert in Pikeville KY. At 8:00 tonight i was waiting in the Taco Bell parking lot waiting to pick up my boyfriend from work and i was listening to 94.9 to pass the time. I was bored and Blade the radio host said be caller number 9 and win 5th row tickets to the concert. So i said what the heck ill call if i win awesome if i dont it wouldnt surprise me. So when the song came on i called and it was busy, not thinking twice about it i called right back and Blade answered. I was caller number 9 =]]]]]]]]]] i was so excited i have never won anything before. So on June 3rd Pikeville KY here i come =]. So whenever your down and you feel like you will never win dont give up you can do it.

Winners Never Quit, And Quitters Never Win!!